"Was any of it real?""No.""I wish I’d never met you."

"Was any of it real?"
"I wish I’d never met you."


Avoiding spoilers on tumblr


Ziva + Idiom #26


I just want a new season of NCIS. You know, the real NCIS.


  • NCIS 07x13 Jet Lag
    Gibbs & McGee

Tony DiNozzo ⇉ Guilt.

↪ ”You can’t put that kinda weight on yourself. Because if you keep piling it on, one day… You can’t move… Take it from me. I carry a lot. Every day.”


Beautiful ending: Gibbs and Abby

NCIS 11x21 Alleged

tony, you are so… loved

Anonymous asked: "what's the name of NCIS fandom? how is it called?"

I don’t think there is a specific name. I’ve read somewhere something about “gibblets”